Happy Valentines Day || Sebrek

Sebastian smiled at his computer once he was sure Derek would be meeting his admirer in the garden.  Last year Sebastian had done it because they were friends or were supposed to be, even though he was dating Julian. This year Sebastian was going to use it to his advantage. he had on dress pants and that green dress shirt he stole from Derek a long time ago. He put on a tie and a blazer and carefully made his way out to the garden to finish setting up. He had bribed several people to help him throughout the day already. He had fairy lights in the bushes and flower petals along the path.  He never actually made reservations for them anywhere else.  He did however, make a pasta dinner and have everything set up on a table down the path in the garden, fake candles on the table. He hoped Derek wasn’t upset by the fact they’d be spending the night here. 

Five was quickly approaching and Sebastian finished making sure everything was set up.  He made his way back to the entrance of the garden and stood out of sight, hoping Derek followed the flower petals and walked around the corner. 

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    Derek fell asleep with a smile on his face. Slow, lazy morning sex before a hot shower together was always his favorite...
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    "I agree" Sebastian smiled against his lips before moving down and resting against his chest. "See you in the morning"...
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